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BRNT for the Holidays

BRNT for the Holidays

The holiday season is truly upon us, and BRNT Accessories are popping up on people’s holiday gift guides. Check out these mentions from some pretty big deals:


Rolling Stone
Gift Guide 2018

When we dreamed of being featured in Rolling Stone, it was because we thought our high school rock band was totally going to break out, not because we made the sleekest bong on the market. But we’ll take it.

Read the full guide here.


Pot accessories are going luxe, and a prime example is Brnt Designs’ new Hexagon. Put it in the freezer for smoother hits, then throw it in the dishwasher.


NOW Toronto
Stoner Stocking Stuffers

We fully applaud the alliteration here, and also the superb logic and testimony regarding Malua from NOW Toronto.

Read the full guide here.


You wouldn’t store food in any old container and expect it to stay fresh, so why would you store weed in a plastic bag? Treat your cannabis right and prolong its scent and flavour with the Malua container from Edmonton’s BRNT Designs.
From Budget to Beautiful, These Are The Best Pipes in the World

Faro got some love from cannabis culture behemoth Herb. Their review filled us with some holiday cheer.

Read the full guide here.


[Faro] is a pipe you’ll be eager to pick up daily being that it’s gorgeous and powerful, yet uncomplicated, a rare combination in the pipe industry.


The Growth Op
2018 holiday gift guide: 15 recommendations for cannabis-friendly buyers

Both the Briq and the Hexagon drew some attention in this holiday gift list from The Growth Op. Two mentions in one? Somebody has good taste!

Read the full guide here.


There’s durable and then there’s durable squared. Consider the poured concrete/walnut combination of the Briq ashtray, available from Edmonton-based BRNT Ltd. The approach is simple: maximized function meets minimized design.


25 Days of Cannabis: An All-Canadian Gift Guide for the Holidays

More love from Leafly, this time in a wonderful shoutout for the Hexagon.

Read the full guide here.

Founded by students of the University of Alberta, BRNT Designs offers a line of contemporary cannabis accessories including the Hexagon water pipe made from Canadian clay.


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