You appreciate hyper convenience. We get it – you’re always on the go. Between work, social commitments and good times with all the people in your life, you need something portable. And because cannabis is not only for celebrations but day-to-day as well, you need something that can easily slip into your backpack. Glass breaks, and most shapes are awkward to carry. You need the flat, durable and easy-to-use Faro at your side.

Suited to

All cannabis users, beginner-friendly

Best for

Daily life on the go, camping trips, festivals

The Art of Choosing:

Speckled Black: If your phone is on dark mode, this is the one for you. Dark mode is more than just a feature, it’s a mood. You like rainy days and listening to a playlist of Dashboard Confessional throwbacks. You believe that black is a wardrobe staple, and that is why the speckled is your perfect sidekick.

Marble: When it comes to making purchases, you gravitate towards lighter colors. White chucks, white t-shirts, and white crest strips, you know the drill. Classic and crisp is your motto. White has always lifted your mood, and when it comes to the accessories in your life, the marble fits in perfectly.

$30.00 Regular Price

The Features

The straight channel makes cleaning a breeze

Accessories included

Pipe Cleaners

Key Materials


How to Use

Flower + Faro = Love. Place coarsely ground flower in the bowl. Cover the end of the Faro which faces away from you with one finger and hold the other end to your mouth. Inhale lightly while lighting the flower and filling the channel with smoke. When ready, remove your finger from the end of the Faro and breath in deeply to fully inhale.


The Faro is ready to move. Slip in your pocket and enjoy wherever you may end up.

Accompany With

Like matching? Us too. The Faro is not complete without the Malua for storage and Ascend for preparation. Your flower has never looked so good. Now whether you choose speckled, marbled or a mix of both is up to you.

Faro Faro