Minimal in the best of ways. Crafted for you out of pure walnut wood, make Yaketa the focus of your rolling ritual. Designed for easy cleaning, with a well-integrated discard corner. Structured to keep everything exactly where you want it to be.

Made of walnut wood.

10in x 10in

$40.00 Regular Price

Your Rolling Ritual

Pick up your Yaketa. Run your hand across it. Do you feel that? That’s the feeling of a block of 100% pure Walnut wood, cut down and shaped for your personal use by our skilled artisans.

But the uniqueness of the Yaketa isn’t in what it’s made of - it’s in the design that takes your preferences and habits into account. From areas specifically designed to hold your tools - your lighter, your grinder, your papers - to the wide, easily cleaned rolling area. The Yaketa is built to fit your life.

Appreciate your handiwork. Appreciate our handiwork. Appreciate your Yaketa.