Granted, the whole BRNT designs line-up is gorgeous. But there is something special about the Malua with its mix of rounded edges and walnut lid. Just like you – there are many sides to its personality. Features that are a bit hidden and only appear when you get close. That’s the thing about the Malua – its attractive both inside and out. 

Suited to

Flower Lovers 

Best for


The Art of Choosing

Weekend warrior? Speckled black is right up your alley. You like high-pace and high-frequency, and are a bit of an energy junky. You like a fade into the background aesthetic so you can stand out. You are all about the sleek black and that is why the speckled malua is right for you. 

If you are a read, relax and soak-in-some-sunshine-on-the-weekend type, the white Malua is for youYou love fresh beginnings and appreciate the right things. You are very particular about what you bring into your space, and that is why this speaks to you. Simple, minimal and pure.  

$30.00 Regular Price

The Features

Split storage system for multiple strains

Accessories included

Walnut lid

Key Materials

Walnut and Concrete

How to Use

Look closely and you will see a dot on the divider wall. The side that protrudes is the sun—for your morning or afternoon cultivars. The other is the moon—for evening cultivars. Place the airtight and odour resistant walnut lid on top once finished. Whenever you come back, your buds will be in perfect shape.


Day or night – we have you prepared for both.

Accompany With

Ashing is easy with the Briq by your side. Keep your place smelling guest-ready. Don’t forget about preparing and rolling your flower – we’ve got you covered. The Kami papers are the perfect rolling papers. Wood pulp means a slow and even burn without having them canoe.

Malua Malua