Inspired by the angular forms and intersecting planes of Daniel Libeskind architecture, the Hexagon re-imagines what a bong is to create a product that is unlike any other in its field. Stylistically, the Hexagon is designed to be flaunted—promising the ultimate in contemporary aesthetics. Functionally, the Hexagon provides the smoothest hit you will come across.

Put your Hexagon in the freezer before use, chilling the smoke and creating a smoother smoking experience. The Hexagon is also dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean. 

Includes a glass down stem, 2 glass bowls (1 as a backup!), and silicone seal.

Height: 10in
Diameter: 3in


$100.00 Regular Price
Freezer Safe
Dishwasher Safe

Uniquely Yours

This is Hexagon #2056. Hexagon #2056 was made in the same batch as Hexagon #2055 and #2057. But even though they all share the same minimal aesthetic, the same distinct lines, Hexagon #2056 is unique.

That’s because every Hexagon is hand-crafted and hand-finished. Some will have different colouring patterns. Others will have slightly different markings. We embrace these minute differences, because they’re what makes us fall in love with our particular Hexagon.

Your Hexagon won’t be Hexagon #2056 - it will be Hexagon #Yours.