You are a cannabis connoisseur. From the names of the best cultivars, to the flavor and the type of high best suited for each occasion, you know it all. You can identify Indicas from Sativas, and you know that a diffusing downstem is the smoothest hit you can find. You know details, and this is why the hexagon with all the details covered is the one for you.

Suited to

Most cannabis users, particularly those with experience

Best for

Your Friday night celebration

The Art of Choosing

If you are a simple, clean and minimal aesthetic type, white is for you. Choosing white says that you're in it for form over function, and there's nothing wrong with that. A purist and proud of it.

Black says you are more serious. You might put some drawings or stickers on it if you're feeling fun. But you may just keep it dark and inconspicuous – it depends how you are feeling that day.

Now, red. Red is for those who don’t mind standing out – you’re bold. This beautiful color says that you'll do just about anything for the aesthetic, and your Instagram theme is probably cultivated like it's your job. This will look dope on your feed.

Please be aware that due to impacts from COVID-19 on our supply chain, the current glass bowls included with the Hexagon will be clear in colour as opposed to the smoke colour variant as shown in the product images on this page. We apologize for any inconvenience and we are working on getting our smoke colour bowls in stock as soon as we can.

$100.00 Regular Price

The Features

Safe for cleaning in dishwasher and cooling in the freezer

Accessories included

8/14mm Glass Downstem and 14mm Glass Bowl with Silicone Seal

Key Materials

Ceramic and Glass

How to Use

The Hexagon is surprisingly simple. Insert the downstem and glass bowl. Pour cold water in the hexagon. Fill the bowl with as much flower as you’d like. As you light the flower, breathe in. Burn as much flower as desired and remove the glass bowl by pulling up on the tab. Breathe in the smoke.


Morning, afternoon or evening, as you please. Just enjoy.

Accompany With

Ashing is easy with the Briq by your side. Empty your bowl at any time in the BRNT Briq, and keep your place smelling guest-ready. Going to share the Hexagon experience with friends? Make sure everyone has their own downstem and bowl. Available online and ready to arrive at your door in hand with your beautiful new bong.

Hexagon Hexagon