The Hexagon Story

Some of the most exciting products in the world hardly resemble their running mates—at least not in the traditional sense. There is a clear nod to history, yet everything about it feels different. A work of 
art, in its own right, it confronts traditions and challenges itself to rise to unrealized expectations. 

The Hexagon was successfully brought to market through crowdfunding efforts, launching BRNT Designs first product in 2017. 

Hexagons are startlingly omnipresent in nature and their properties are awe-inspiring. Fundamentally, a hexagon is merely a six-sided shape but few are aware that it is recognized as the strongest shape known and often referred to in engineering as the perfect design. With pain-staking detail and countless months of conceptualization, it’s no surprise the ceramic water bong has something magnetic about it. It’s striking; captivating but not boisterous. A bong that is simple to use yet stunning to show. 

Inspired by the angular forms and intersecting planes of Daniel Libeskind architecture, the Hexagon re-imagines what a bong is to create a product that is unlike any other in its field. Stylistically, the Hexagon is designed to be flaunted—promising the ultimate in contemporary aesthetics. Functionally, the Hexagon provides the smoothest hit you will come across.