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Submit your work for a chance to see it come to life on our Hexagon. Selected Artists are compensated for their work. 

The Details

WHO: Anyone that is of legal age is welcome to submit their work. 

WHEN: We will accept work until October 31st, 2021. This is a pilot project, and based on submissions we will decide whether to continue beyond.

WHAT: If you have art that you wish you could apply to the Hexagon, we would love to see it. For this first round we will not stress a theme or topic. Read below for details. 


SUBMIT up to three images via email. These can be existing works of art you have, as we value your time. Due to production realities we may have to adjust your idea, so don't spend tons of time adjusting your initial submissions. If we need further development, we will work with you and let you know.

WE CURATE and REACH OUT. Submitted work will be evaluated by our designers, production team, and external experts (aka folks in the industry we collaborate with). 

IF YOUR ART IS SELECTED. We will contact you directly. As it can be tricky to translate art to decals sometimes, we will make sure to chat with you about the process and if any change would be needed. Our goal will always to reduce added work and value your time and art. We will pay selected artists $250USD for the right to reproduce their work.






What should I submit?

Format/Size: Think of a decal like a sticker, it may help frame in your mind what works best on ceramic. Full wraps will not be picked at this time, due to the shape of the Hexagon. But if you have a section of your work you would be open to clip out, you can submit the work as is, and state so in your email. We are open to see what you have.

File: As we simply want to see your idea for now, whatever file you have works, as long as we can open it. You can send jpg, pdf, or a photo as an attachment. When we are ready to move forward, we will work with you to nail the required file types needed for decals.

For those that need to know, vector is best, but is you have a jpg, 300 dpi resolution will have the best result.

Themes: We are not stipulating a theme for this pilot project. But we will need to abide by laws. As we are available in North America, will will need to be able to promote the work! We will not be able select any art that depicts the consumption of cannabis, has underage people depicted, is obscene, sexually explicit, or defamatory. 

How often and how many files can I submit? We recommend selecting up to three pieces you would be excited to see on the Hexagon and submit once. 

If you pick my art, how long will you use it and how? We will want to be able to promote the work, and may choose to print it on promotional materials (such as stickers) and have it visible in digital spaces, such as our website or social media for up to 18 months. 

Do you pay the artist? Yes, we will pay $250USD for the right to use your artwork. The artist will maintain ownership.

You don't own my art if I email you my idea, right? Correct! We will pay for selected art. We may reach out to chat social media features or other paid opportunities, even if your work isn't selected as a possible decal. We are staying realistic that not all art will translate to ceramic. But we will always talk to you first, your work will never be used with out your permission. 

I am underage, can I still submit my artwork? We have to stick to the rules here. You must be of legal consumption age, and your artwork cannot depict underage individuals. 

Further Questions? 

Please reach out via email 


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