A medicinal marijuana license led to the creation of something more. Dissatisfied with fragile and stigma-loaded accessories, Simon Grigenas reached out to fellow students at the University of Alberta to create a bong that was beautiful to look at - and also functional.

BRNT grew out of a single crowdfunded campaign set in October 2017. The original goal of $20,000 was met and surpassed less than a month later. We continue to build off of the success of that early campaign, creating new and innovative products that push the cannabis space forward.

Innovators and Futurists are the foundation of BRNT Designs. We are committed to creating the cannabis space of tomorrow, sharing our products and experience with the expanding community. This is only the beginning.

Simon reaches out to Andrew Feltham, Ty Thomsen, and Rahman Amlani, fellow students at the University of Alberta, about starting a business and developing a functional, aesthetically-pleasing ceramic bong.

BRNT Designs is officially founded.

A prototype for the first Hexagon is developed.

Our crowdfunding campaign raises $24,000 to produce and market the Hexagon.

We create the first Yaketa, a pure walnut-wood rolling tray.

Our concrete line launches, featuring the Briq ashtray and Faro pipe.

The Malua, a dual-compartment storage container, is added to our Concrete line.

With Legalization Day, BRNT products are sold in 30 stores across Canada.