Do you like a routine a little too much? Perhaps, but just because you are driven and goal-oriented doesn’t mean you aren’t also spontaneous and fun. Just like you, the Yaketa was meant for the serious times (rolling is nothing to joke about) and the good times (enjoy the fruits of your labour already will ya?) The perfect workspace to keep everything where you want it to be and easy to clean. The staple tool for any ritual. 

Suited to

All cannabis users 

Best for

Rolling rituals 

The best of the best

When designing BRNT’s first rolling tray, the team looked to source a natural material to ground its outer corners and large footprint. At face value, the wood is beautiful, strong and versatile. But when you understand the depth of the material, you know that walnut’s durability ensures a piece will last for decades when designed by a quality craftsmans like the brains behind BRNT Designs. 

$40.00 Regular Price

The Features

Discard Corner - makes it easy to clean up after rolling


10in x 10in

Key Materials

Pure Walnut

How to Use

The Yaketa is designed for organization. The upper portion has two divisions. Place lighters and papers in the smaller slot. The larger divide is for your grinder, cannabis jars, and tools. The lower portion is designed for rolling or any kind of prep needed. Once you are finished rolling or grinding your flower, the bottom left has a cut-out. This is the discard corner, designed to be easy to scrap remaining flower into a grinder or jar. Yeah, we got you.


Prepare, roll, light, smoke, chill (and then put away because #TypeA, amiright?)

Accompany With

No Yaketa is complete without the Kami papers for rolling and the Malua for storage when you’re ready to use the discard corner for excess flower. Everything you need, BRNT has you covered.

Yaketa Yaketa