You know that cannabis use is not about the highest high but an individualized experience – and your ritual is no exception. You care about both a signature visual aesthetic and functionality. That is why the Prism with its ergonomic base couldn’t be more ideal. The Prism, while providing maximum internal surface area, allows the smoke to cool down and create the perfect cannabis experience.

Suited to

Most cannabis users, particularly those with experience

Best for

After work wind down

The Art of Choosing

If you are naturally reserved, the white Prism is for you. Choosing white says your taste is refined, and you enjoy things that are well crafted and beautiful. The white prism is a reflection of your appreciation for order and simplicity.

You are comfortable projecting an air of mystery and that is why black is best. People find your two sides of both conventional and unconventional intriguing. Choosing black says you focus on the details and getting things right is important to you. Choosing black is a window into who you are.

In-the-know, present, and always aware of what is going on around you, red represents just how extroverted and confident you are. Choosing red says you are outgoing and usually enjoy being the life of the party and center of attention. Bring on the spotlight, baby.

$30.00 Regular Price

The Features

Ergonomic base, opaque to mask resin build up, and biodegradable

Only Insiders Know

The Prism both lays flat and stands tall

Key Materials


How to Use

Welcome to the handheld pipe like no other. Place coarse ground flower in the bowl. Cover the choke (small hole) with one finger and hold the other end to your mouth. Inhale lightly while lighting the flower and filling the chamber with smoke. When ready, remove your finger from the Prism choke and breath in deeply to fully inhale.


This time is for you. Slow down, relax and take it all in.

Accompany With

Ashing is easy with the Briq by your side. Empty your pipe at any time in the BRNT Briq, and keep your place smelling guest-ready. The Prism ritual wouldn’t be perfect without the Yaketa. The Prism fits nicely on the tray. Place your Prism and Briq on there and carry to your favorite smoking spot.

Prism Prism