You are a nostalgic type. The joint makes you think of the good old days. There is a ritual, and a skill to rolling, and you take time and care to get it just right. It requires your attention and let’s you put the demands of the day aside for a few moments. A joint is personal, and when you really think about it, it was one of the first ways you got to enjoy flower. There is nothing better than papers to send you back to the good days. 

Suited to

Flower Lovers 

Best for

Gatherings, Weekend Excursions, Concerts  


A slow, meticulous burn. These papers are heavy and good for rolling, especially for beginners. 

$4.00 Regular Price

The Features

No canoeing and wrapped with a magnetic closure to keep them safe


32 papers and 32 filter tips

Key Materials

Wood pulp

How to Use

Grind up your flower. Take filter tip and make an accordion fold on one end. Now take that and fold it over and roll it between your fingers creating a cylinder shape. Take rolling paper and make a fold towards the bottom of the paper. Place the tip in one end of the folded paper. Take a small amount of your ground bud and put it in the paper down by the tip. Roll the paper upward and at a slight angle by the tip, make sure to tuck the paper under itself, creating a cone shape, lick and seal at the tip. Take your ground flower and start filling your paper by inserting it into the opening at the top. Push your bud down and pack it tightly. Take the joint by the twisted end in between your thumb and forefinger and squeeze right where the bud starts, gently shake it up and down. This pushes the bud down creating a denser, tighter joint which will burn slower and more evenly. You’re ready.


Morning, afternoon or evening, as you please. Just enjoy.

Accompany With

Your Kami papers are not complete without the Yaketa for rolling and the Malua for storage when you’re ready to use the Yaketa’s discard corner for excess flower. Everything you need right along side you.

Kami Kami