You love the classics. Classics like spending your summers with a few joints and few good friends, or driving out to the coast for some late nights under the stars. You know its not the person with the mixed drink that draws in the crowd; it’s the one with the pack of pre-rolls. And when the good time have kicked off, there is no better accessory than the Briq. A classic with a twist – joint rests and a walnut lid. Because there’s nothing wrong with a little reinvention of the classics to make the good times even better.

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The Art of Choosing

If you are part moody and part sophisticated, we created the speckled black just for you. A complicated realist with a direct approach and a need for control. The New York type if you will. Sleek; ready for anything. Dark colors are always the right choice.

The white Briq was designed for the neat, simple, and peaceful individual. Your love for this airy and angelic shade represents a positive personality, and an optimistic outlook toward life and the future. Choosing white says you are part hippy, part constable responsible.

$30.00 Regular Price


The four cut-outs are joint rests are designed to store unfinished joints.


Ash your flower in the Briq. Place the walnut lid on top to mask the sight and smell of the ash.

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Limited Edition Pink

The Limited Edition Pink Briq. For the bold, bright and pink-centric personality.


Accompany With

Don’t forget about preparing and rolling your flower – we’ve got you covered. The Kami papers are the perfect rolling papers. Wood pulp means a slow and even burn without having them canoe. And to make sure you don’t lose any loose flower, you’ve got the Yaketa. Everything you need right along side you.

Briq Briq