A solid addition to BRNT’s line of concrete accessories, the Ascend is a sturdy and stable workshop. Built to keep you grounded while you prepare to get high, the Ascend is available from BRNT in a matte black or white marble finish. Store your accessories (or wipe remnants of your extra-fine grind) in the convenient channel around the edge of the tray. The raised central platform provides you with a clear place to work your magic.

Dimensions : 140mm x 230mm

$75.00 Regular Price

With help from our friends

Built to complement the entire concrete accessories line, the Ascend draws from the same minimalist aesthetic as the Faro, Briq, and Malua. The Ascend allows the staunchest of BRNT fans to support the entire lifecycle of your cannabis experience on BRNT products.

But the Ascend is more than its aesthetic. The Ascend was made for friends. The result of a collaboration with industry-giant Tweed, the Ascend was designed to bring people together. To bond people over shared experiences and shared activities. So invite your friends into your rolling ritual with the Ascend. After all, that’s what it was made for.