You’ve rolled joints on coffee tables, side tables and dining tables – and you know nothing is better than your own rolling tray. Leaving shake all around your home is a way of the past. The Ascend is not only eye-catching to every friend you have over, but it functions perfectly. No mess, easy to store accessories – everything you need all in one place.

Suited to

Flower lovers

Best for

Your every day

The Art of Choosing

Speckled black is for you those with a sense of style, and mystery. You like to be coy but those who really know you know you have depth. And lots of it. Black is confident, professional and is suitable in many settings. Just like you, its versatile. And that’s what you like best about it.

White often marks a transitional period in our lives. We are growing, changing or something big happened. Choosing marble is a symbol of your new chapter. A physical manifestation of the new you. We get it. White is important to you and marble marks this period of time perfectly.

$50.00 Regular Price

The Features

• Elevated Center Platform
• Built-in Storage Channel
• Designated Rolling Area


5.5in x 9in

Key Materials

Sealed Concrete

Limited Edition Pink

The Limited Edition Pink Ascend. For the bold, bright and pink-centric personality.

Accompany With

Like matching? Us too. The Ascend is not complete without the Faro, for enjoying and the Malua for storage. Your flower has never looked so good. Now whether you choose speckled, marbled or a mix of both is up to you.

Ascend Ascend